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Decorating Easter Eggs with Vinyl

Yes, you can use vinyl to decorate your easter eggs. Consider these three different ways. 

Vinyl as Decoration

This option works great with small children. Just use the vinyl as a sticker and decorate the eggs, leaving the vinyl on the eggs as decoration. The examples here were dyed and then used the vinyl on top of that. And yes, you can use a variety of different colors on the eggs, I don't know why we didn't. 


Vinyl as a Mask

(pink vinyl is the mask being removed to see the orange underneath)

Use the vinyl as a mask while dying eggs. Place the vinyl on a dry egg just like above but now drop it into dye. Once you are satisfied with the dye color, remove the egg, allow the dye to dry and then remove the vinyl. This results in a variety of excitement as your reveal what is underneath the vinyl. 


Vinyl as a Stencil

In this instance you are going to use the vinyl that is left behind once you remove the shape that was cut out of the vinyl. Place this vinyl on the egg and use a rubber stamp to fill in the negative space. 

Once we got going, we couldn't limit ourselves to just one technique and the creative juices started flowing. My daughters love using vinyl along with easter dye. It adds a whole new level to decorating eggs. They take the eggs to school for lunch and show off their creations to their friends. 

Want to give decorating your eggs a go with vinyl? You can use the patterns we did, there are two. One page was just simple graphic shapes of circles, stars, squares, lines etc... The other page contains more decorative shapes of flowers, butterflies and birds. Each page is designed as 12 x 12 but I reduced the size of the page to 7" wide while cutting since the eggs are rather small.  

[graphic shapes svg]

[decorative shapes svg]

Thanks to Vinyl Expressions for the Easter Pack of Vinyl in order to provide this post. 

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