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Football $

Available through the Hungry Jpeg for $1.
Designed in 3 colors. The background is clear and only present so you can see the white of the design.


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I recently discovered your blog(s) (LOVE THEM) and am so happy to find someone who will design by request and/or give nudges when needed.

I have been trying to wrap my brain around what should be very simple template but I'm stuck. What I have done so far is in .studio so I included a link to a screen shot since you are a Cricut user.

I'm trying to create a template to be wrapped around mason jars allowing me to make double checkerboard patterns easily. I just need alternating 1 inch squares...two rows deep. I have the squares designed ok, but I can't figure out how to put a box around the entire template to give the negative space a border. I hope I am making sense. The box part is easy..but I'm having trouble knowing where to cut in order to make the template one piece. I know this can't be too difficult...I'm just can't quite picture it in my mind. Would you mind creating the template I need?