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Girl Minion

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Hi there! I would really like to download or save some of your wonderful svg files but I can't save it as SVG. I am using a Macbook and there seems to be a problem with saving the file directly as an svg file. Do you think you can share these files by email? Or is there any other way I can download them?

By the way, I clicked on some ads like you asked, ;-D. And I also signed up for your newsletter!

Thank you very much for your free svgs. They are wonderful and it's really kind of you to share them for free.

I am making invites for my son's 5th birthday and he said he wants Minions birthday party. But then he is inviting some girls from his class and I found your girl minion svg. I would really like to have a copy of it if I may. Thank you once again and keep up the good work!!