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The Top 5 SVGs of 2016

This post is a recap of the most popular SVGs visited in 2016 on The Craft Chop. 


Poke ball

[SVG file]

#5 Pokeball, to get things started, you liked the Pokeball.


[SVG file]

#4 Cookie Monster. I think he is loved by all and there are 3 versions on The Craft Chop, a cookie monster eyes and mouth to make a shirt, a full body, and this one. 


[SVG file]

The file was a request. The red lines are score lines.

#3 Rose Card came in third place, and probably my personal favorite.


[SVG file]

#2 Happy Holidays ornament was the second most visited post.


[SVG file]

#1 Snoopy, there are three versions of Snoopy on the site. Searching for Snoopy was the most popular image this year.


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