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Blog posts December 2014

Heart Box

[SVG file]

3D heart box, rather narrow. Great for treats. You can cut from one piece of card stock or cut an additional heart for embellishment - but it isn't needed for the box to function. 

Visual of template:

Cut the black lines, score the red lines. Cut the green lines from a different p…

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Birdhouse Favor Box

Want to make this cutie? Just in time for Valentine's Day, you can make this favor box. 


[SVG file]

Cut the black and green lines, score on the red and orange lines. The sample was cut from two different papers. I made the file about 11" wide. I could get two boxes from one sheet of 12 x 12…

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Split Font

[SVG file]

This is a gothic style font called KaiserzeitGotisch. It has good strokes that aren't too detailed for smaller applications but will work well in larger sizes as well. 

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Ahoy Mates!

 [SVG file] [SVG file][SVG file] 

It's a pirate party!

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Pop Up Box

[SVG file]

Use card-stock. Cut black outlines, score the red lines. Glue the two pieces together so that the hooks are inside the box. Once dry, use a crochet hook to join a rubber band onto the hooks. The rubber band should be about 1.5" un-stretched. From hook to hook, the box should measure 7"…

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Cereal Shape Box

[SVG file]

Cut the black outline and score on the red lines

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Deep Cutting Blade

List Price: $29.99
Our Price: $29.95

You save $10.04!

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[SVG file]

Photo Booth Props

[SVG file][SVG file][SVG file]  
[SVG file][SVG file]


These images are great for photo booth props but you can also use them for other paper crafting. Kids love to ham it up and have so much fun posing for pictures. 


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Peace Sign


standard envelope

side load envelope

5.5 x 4 envelope

money envelope

[SVG file][SVG file][SVG file][SVG file]

Once loaded, cut the red line layer and score the black dotted line layer. You can cut envelopes out of decorative paper or…

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Wooden Cross


            [SVG file]

Decorative Circles

[SVG file]
Because you can never have too many circles. There are so many uses for these.

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