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I saw a template online for a Kaleidocycle Toy and thought "wow, that would be a great Cricut project". I just got an Explore machine a few days ago, I made the sample thank you card, I tried a print then cut file, a birthday card for a party my daughter went to, and THEN I made my own svg file!!! Can I say how much I love my new Cricut Explore - and I am not a scrapbooker (I know right?)!!

Here is what the file looks like:

It will draw, then score (you need to change from your marker to the score tool) and then it will cut the file. I created mine on 12 x 12 dark blue paper with a silver marker. It doesn't photograph very well since the image is metallic. I would recommend a light colored paper and a dark marker if I were to do it again. 

And for those who would like the svg file instead [svg kaleidocycle] It includes a jpg for drawing, and two svg files. You will have to align them.

New SVG file, does not include the drawing part. [SVG file] - set red lines to score, black to cut and don't forget to select all and attach.

Here is the SVG file for the drawing if you want to add it to the above file. [SVG file] The file is big and needs to be set to the draw tool in Design Space. 

Here's a video of how it works once glued together. Oh, and the gluing, I used white glue and then I went back and fixed what didn't stick with double stick tape. Doing it again, I would just use the tape - no dry time. I hope you can see the different patterns on the paper. 


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