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Current Cricut Sale

This week Cricut is launching its Homemade Celebration Sale! Right now, the Maker is $150 off, the Air 2 for $199, and the Joy for $169! All Infusible Ink, Paper & Cards, Machine Blades & Tools, and Maker-Only Materials are 30% off! is offering free shipping on orders $99+. Use…

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Cricut's Mother's Day Sale Now

Mothers Day Sale Vectors by Vecteezy

Do you need a last-minute Mother's Day gift for a crafty mom? This week is Cricut's Mother's Day Sale featuring the Maker 3 for $399, Explore 3 for $299, the Maker for $229, Air 2 for $179, the Joy for $129, the Mug Press for $179, and $20 off th…

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Earth SVG

Flower Circle

Floral Eggs

Sun and Fun

Tag and Pocket

[SVG file]

Don't forget to set the red lines to score before cutting.

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Floral Circle

Flash Sale :: Cricut

Cricut is launching a Spring Flash Sale, saving 40% on materials & accessories. The Joy machine is at $169, the Air 2 at $199, and the Maker at $249! The EasyPress ( 9" x 9") and EasyPress ( 12" x 10") have a $20 off promotion. is offering free shipping on orders $99+. Use …

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Patterned Clover

Welcome - remove shoes version


Cricut Sale

Cricut's 30% off sale on Paper & Cards, Iron-On, and Maker-Only Materials. The sale also features $150 off the Maker, $70 off the Air 2, $30 off the Joy, and $20 off the Mug Press. The BrightPad and BrightPad Go have a $10 off promotion! is offering free shipping on orders …

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Warm Hugs

Lace Heart

Cricut Discount Sale

Cricut's Favorites Sale featuring $150 off the Maker, $50 off the Explore Air 2, $30 off the Joy & $20 off the Mug Press is here! The sale also offers 30% off Machine Blades & Tools, Infusible Ink, and Paper & Cards! is offering Free Economy Shipping on orders $99+ with cod…

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Winter Memories

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