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Blog posts February 2015

Elmo Head


Red Sox

[SVG file]

Greek Letters

[Greek font]

Once again, I was looking for a Greek font and couldn't find one for free. So, I made one and I am now sharing it with you. Instead of typing each letter as a word, I would suggest typing each letter as a separate element so that you can move them as you desire. Since this is a font,…

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Oracal Comparison Chart

SF 49ers

[SVG file]


[SVG file]


[SVG file]

NY Yanks

NY Rangers



Fancy Flower

Layered Flower


[SVG file]

logo alone

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Anchor Anchor Anchor Anchor

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Monogram Font

I wanted a monogram font, I couldn't find one for free. So, I made one. In order to use it, you will need to load two fonts. The first font is called Monogram and it will type the first and last letter. Using the font, type the first letter as an uppercase letter, then a space and then last lett…

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Blooming Card

Bob and Junior

Bob and Larry


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