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Blog posts October 2020

Lest we forget

Tooth Fairy

Freddy Kruger

Christmas Tree Mandala

Layered Awareness Ribbon

Round Saying Ornaments

Breast Cancer Ribbon

Female Male Symbols

Single Butterfly

[SVG file]


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Butterfly Circle

Home Sweet Home

Woman's Head

[SVG file]

I added layers in color for the glasses and lips. If you remove them, the lips will remain in the black iamge.

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Leaf Circle Frame

Floral Circle

Slimline Floral Card

[SVG file]

The folded size of the card is 3.5" x 8.5"

Don't forget to set the red line to score.

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Stenciled Card

[SVG file]

don't forget to set the red line to score.
Folded, this is a 5" x 7" card.

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